Spring, glorious spring! Part Two


I’m expecting to receive half a kilo of buckwheat in seeds mid-April, so I’ll have another field planted with buckwheat which not only thrives in poor soil, but flowers and attracts bees.

It must be a Russian thing because Alex hates buckwheat with a passion, but I love eating it.  🙂

As for bees, we decided to wait till next year to get them. There is just so much to plant right now, our heads are spinning. We don’t think we are ready.

There are a lot more things to plant, so much that we don’t know what to do first. I change my mind frequently during the day, and I’m sure Alex feels the same.


There are so many gorgeous wild flowers around the quinta, that this evening I did what I always dreamed of – went and collected a bunch of them!

There were wild lupins, fragrant lavender, a small iris, cambions (?), two types of legume-ish flowers and god only knows what else. If you know their names, please let me know. I’m a total novice at this.

However, I DO know how to arrange my bouquets after years of helping Alex in his flower boutique, and this was pure pleasure, folks! 🙂 Put a huge grin on both our faces.


Thanks to Wendy‘s updates on FB,  I managed to find wild sorrel on our quinta, and combined with  chickweed and cress it made for a lovely filling for pasta.

I’ve tried a different recipe for donuts, and it worked much better! It was also much quicker to make.

Other projects

Alex cleared out a space near the kitchen

There must have been over a thousand tiles in total! He plans to build a shed to stock wood in and a space to keep geese and hopefully other birds when we get them.

Me and the cockerel George made our peace (I think). Alex told me I had to “dominate” him,so I literally had to jump on him and hold him down next time he attacked me, getting pinched in the process and scraping my knee. Then I walked around with him, stroking him in the process, and now it looks like much of his aggression to me is gone. Although I keep my stick with me just in case!


We had a lovely night with a barbecue at our place with our friends.

Alex cooked Thai pork dish (kao kha moo), we also had homemade foccacia from Erica and Leo, and lots of steaks from Ben!

We stayed out for a long time drinking wine under the stars, listening to frogs and crickets (and cockerel crowing at night because we were making too much noise!), and it was gorgeous.

Ben reciprocated the other night, and everyone got together in his place for the first time. He doesn’t have any livable amenities yet, but we sat around a huge bonfire

It was at least a couple of meters in diameter!

while a trio of guitarists played Pink Floyd under the stars. It was surreal…

I think this is it so far.

I keep meaning to update the blog more often, but I haven’t got into the habit yet, so once a month it is.

Hugs and ciao!


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