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Two years and counting!


Sorry my dear readers!

Last time I posted was on Sept 25th 2014 and I have been a bad, bad blogger…

So much happened, I don’t even know where to start. It’s insanely busy here.

First of all, the majority of continuous news are always posted on our Facebook page, details of which can be found on our About page. So if the timely updates are important to you, please find Olives and Acorns there. I will also reply to messages and questions much faster on FB.

That out of the way, here is what’s happening on the farm these days.


Kitchen and bathroom built. All that’s left is the bedroom and living room which we’ll tackle next year.


We have 4 sheep and 2 lambs. A pair of goats and 3 kids. A dog, 4 cats, 5 ducks and 14 chickens. There have been a few births on the farm (sheep and goats) and so far no kid or lamb died and the process wasn’t as scary as some website will make you think.


We started in 2013 with 1.45 hectare, now we have almost 5, due to our next door neighbour wanting desperately to sell his lot last year. That gave us an independent access to the property, 2 big Barns and some lush growing soil, which is why we’ve moved all our growing next door, away from all the animals.


We’ve moved it to a better patch of land and it’s doing great. I’ve just planted all our winter veg. We also fenced it off so no animal can crash the party 🙂 Although cats are welcome to come and hunt for some mice.

The road is getting fixed next week and we are also hoping we’ll get a pond or two dug with a JCB.


We largely eat fruit and veg from our own land, but I buy staples from the supermarket from time to time. Not only our meat consumption went down to once a week or once every 2 weeks, I also became a much better cook! We bake our own bread and I make preserves from a variety of fruit and veg.

There is still a huge amount of things which needs to be done, but practice makes perfect and each year we are more confident and comfortable with what we do and while it’s not slowing down it’s done faster.

Right, I have to run. We have friends for dinner tonight, and I want to make lasagna with homemade pastry and some dessert. I’m thinking eclairs or lemon squares. 🙂

Hope to speak to you soon!