Hi, everyone!

I am deleting this blog’s posts because a) I haven’t updated it in years b) I keep getting comments from people selling their land to other commenters with the exchange of emails, links and phone numbers. This blog was created to share practical, useful information, not as a free advertising platform that would eventually bite me on the arse as some sort of mediator between buyers and sellers. You also open yourself to spammers by leaving your emails and phone numbers out in the open like that.

You can find us on FB as Olives and Acorns for all the updates from now on and direct your questions and enquiries through private messaging.

Thanks for visiting!


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  1. Hello….I’ve just stumbled onto your pages and am loving what I read. We are planning on ‘running to the hills’ and doing something similar ourselves. I’d love to ask you a million questions! Good lukc with it all.

  2. hi really love what your doing want to do the same myself with the girl friend cos there more to life than the same old routine of going to the same place of work. only thing is Jess my girlfriend not so sure. is there any chance we could come on a working holiday to see if I can show her there is another way of life. would be very willing to help
    best of luck chris.

    • Hi, Chris! Thanks for commenting! Change is scary in the best of times, so I can understand your girlfriend πŸ™‚ We actually won’t be needing people to come for working holidays until mid November – the start of olive harvest, but I suggest you both look at WOOF website http://www.wwoof.pt/ for working holidays at organic farms in Portugal. I’d seriously consider creating profiles and contacting people for work around Europe. Don’t limit yourself just by Portugal, it’s much more fun to travel around. This will definitely test your desire for the change and your ability to adapt without throwing everything you have to the wind. Best of luck to you both!

  3. Hey guys,

    Inspiring blog!

    A friend and I have bought some land near Fundao and have plans similar to yours but we are still trying to make the leap. It would be great to visit you sometime. Whereabouts are you? We also bought through Maria and Paulo at Remax πŸ™‚



  4. Hello! Me and my boyfriend have just stumbled across your blog and we’re super inspired by your journey to Portugal! We’ve been wanting to move there ourselves and live off grid since we visited Portugal this year. We’d ideally like to buy a plot of land around the Aljezur region or further north a bit, and we’ve been scouring plots of sale to get an idea of prices. May I ask, how you financially support yourselves whilst living out there? Sorry if that’s a cheeky ask! We’d love to ask you more questions too if you have the time?

    Thanks πŸ™‚

    Sarah and Chris

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