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What’s been accomplished in 8 weeks? Part 3


Alright, last push!

I’m sure I’m leaving something out, and I’m not even mentioning our busy social calendar during these 8 weeks *grinning* but the last project which we finished couple of days ago was a chicken coop!

We’ve built it from bricks and cement, put a wooden support for the roof on top (made of eucalyptus branches and broken up pallets) and then tiled it with what we’ve had already.

I had to look it up online to see how to tile it all together 🙂

Then we’ve covered the walls outside with the white cement and waterproofed the roof.


Ideally we should have had some lyme coating instead of cement, but we didn’t have the time as we are getting the chickens on Monday. The nesting is done inside from tiles, bricks and hay.


Then we built the door out of broken pallets and fenced up the yard for the chickens. The gate is recycled from the dog kennel.

We will see how it all works out. None of us had chickens before, but both me and Alex vaguely remember how we used to feed chickens and collect eggs when we were kids. I’m also reading this book to help.

Last thing I did was building a scarecrow for the orchard. Took me 10 minutes after we collected our hay and much giggling!

Meet Oscar!

This is it for today. I might post tomorrow to show some cool pics from our quinta.

Lots of love,