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What’s been accomplished in 8 weeks? Part 1


So sorry, peeps! We’ve been busy and couldn’t write an update here fast enough.

Last time I promised to tell you what we’ve been doing on our land.  So here it is:

First 2-3 weeks we definitely dedicated to clearing everything from the brambles. They grow really fast and have vicious thorns, but they have two saving graces: they give you berries and they burn really well.

Here are pics BEFORE the clearing 🙂


dog kennel inside


and the stacks of tiles covered

water tank


first quarry

back of the shed and kitchen

second quarry


in the middle of meadow

the well

There was another wall that we’ve cleared out, but I can’t find any BEFORE pics. I don’t think I’ve taken them!


slowly clearing out the walls and stacks of tiles

levelling the floor


opening up the terrace on the top of the kitchen. The trees had to be cleared off of brambles and vines

water tank is cleared


meet our friend, Shaun, whose first task on arrival was kitchen floor. He’ll be staying with us for awhile

Alex starting on the outside wall for the future bathroom


another terrace discovered under all the brambles and vines!

back of the kitchen and shed completely cleared. Discovered possible water mines or wild boar dens. Who knows?


Side of the shed is cleared. Solar panels temporarily go up, and we are powered! We also start collecting rubbish left on the land – plastic, chemicals, rusty metal, shards of glass, etc. Temporary structure for the tarpaulin goes up.

bye, bye, brambles in the meadow…


second quarry is cleared

Here is what we’ve been doing since Shaun joined us in the second week of October until now, 16th of November…

the dry stone wall is getting raised for the composting toilet

it’s getting there…


voila! the toilet is done.


sensor solar light inside for night use

Right, it’s getting to be a long post, guys, so I’m splitting it in two.

To be continued in a min!