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Arrival Part 2 and What Kind of Land Have We Got?


There is a lovely restaurant on top of Monsanto mountain, Taverna Lusitana, which is where we went to celebrate buying our land in May. If you ever in the area, go there. The views are out of this world, although to get to the top you have to climb a pretty steep hill.

So the evening was spent in a company of unexpected friends whom we met for the first time just that morning, Martin and Ann, plus Alex’s cousin, Steve, who drove the caravan for us all the way from England and who was a relentless slave driver to get the caravan onto the land.

Steve, if you read this, you were as good as gold. Come again any time!


Thursday night, 26th of Sept Steve went home unfortunately, and me and Al were left to fend for ourselves.

So, what kind of land did we buy?

It’s a 1.4 hectares agricultural plot of land with rich sandy clay soil, a small barn, a well and a seasonal stream on one of the sides of the property.

We have 67 olive trees, over 50 young cork trees, and around 40 fruit trees. There is a defined orchard, a meadow and a few terraces.

Everything is largely overgrown with brambles, there are a couple of small quarries with granite which is plentiful in the area of Idanha-a-Nova, a couple of unfinished brick walls which the previous owner wanted to make into a house, an unfinished water tank and a lot of rubbish and broken glass around the barn which needs to be cleaned off.

But the soil is rich, the landscape is promising especially if you want to follow permaculture principles and harvest plenty of water, and the view on Monsanto mountain is to die for.

The view from the top


The view from the bottom corner


I’ll talk about what we want to do in the next post, peeps.

Over and out.