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Quick general update and Merry Christmas!


Hello, everyone!

The official results for our olive oil harvest is here *grinning*

696 kg amounted to 85 litres of extra virgin olive oil which was way, way more than we expected. I’m extremely pleased!

Second batch of olive oil also is less spicy and peppery and much sweeter because we had more big black olives to press into oil.

My oil perfume is still in the process of making. Alex, whose nose is far more sensitive than mine, says that I put too much peppermint in it, and that smell overpowers the rest, but I still can smell cumquat loquat (got the right name for the tree now) quite strongly. I’ll report the end result next year.

Alex and Shaun have been finishing small jobs on the land – fencing, clearing, and they also almost made their first hugelkultur raised bed while I was finishing pruning the last olive trees and doing housework.

When the first raised bed is properly done I’ll post some photos of the process.

We had 2-3 days of rain and now it’s all sunny but still pretty cold. It’s a mild winter in Portugal with much less wind and rain than we expected but it’s still winter.

Right now, I’ve decorated the caravan for Christmas and we are celebrating Christmas and New Year with our friends in the next few days.

I’m also sorting out our seeds to plan what we are planting soon and where. I’ll need to buy a big calendar and draw a map of our gardens when I finish with current task.

Overall, we are still busy, but I personally slowed down on backbreaking jobs in the last week because it’s time to relax a little. It’s been 3 months since we arrived, and we’ve done a lot.

I wish you all a fantastic and very merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year!

May all you dearest wishes come true!

Expect me back in January with much needed posts about

– buying land in Portugal;

– getting here;

– getting a postal address and a post box.

As always, ask any questions you like and I’ll try to answer them in the next few posts.

Over and out,