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Portuguese Chickens Affair


I know, I know, it’s a terrible name! 🙂

Monday after we built our chicken coop we drove to Fundão, a beautiful town 40 mins away from us with a market which happens every Monday.

outside the market. It’s a pretty big space. Just follow the signs to the center of the town and you won’t miss it. Plenty of parking as well.

There is a usual variety of market goods – clothes, tools, shoes, household items and some souvenirs plus a two-story building with fresh fruit and veg, meat, bread and cheese products.

What we were really interested in is this little corner

only few vendors selling hens, cocks, ducks and rabbits but for all we know that might be because it’s winter

and this little alley


pretty good selection of trees, shrubs and seedlings! Cheap as well.

So far we made two trips to this market and bought 11 hens and 1 cockerel.

Alex suspects that it’s Lohman Brown breed, and it sure looks that way.

They supposed to start laying at 15-18 weeks, and we were told in Portuguese to wait for 3-4 weeks for the hens to start laying. I will give you an update when they will.

Very sweet hens, and a quiet gentle cockerel, so he doesn’t crow. Maybe he will when he gains some confidence, who knows? The pecking order has been established and it’s been fascinating to watch.

I named the cockerel George, and Alex is calling his second in command Giselda who is a very beautiful and fierce bird 🙂

Every time we get close to chicken yard George is the first one to run to us for some food, and he is hilarious. We also have a couple of adventurous hens who keep escaping and coming to see what we’re doing. So we either have to grab them or herd them back into the yard. For that reason I want to clip their wings tomorrow. If they escape with us being away, they might get lost or injured.

The prices.

Hens cost 6.5 euro each, a cockerel 12 euros.

Our cat Henry got curious in the first day, and then he stopped paying any attention to them, so if you have cats, your chickens will be fine.


We bought a big bag of feed and some corn. They also love fruit and veg scraps, remains of soups, rice or pasta and some fresh juicy grass of which we have plenty.

I am looking forward to our first eggs, and in the meantime I’ll try to take better pictures inside the coop and of our hens  and George in general.

Over and out and please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.